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4x4 Adventure Tour to Spanish Pyrenees with ADV Roof Tent

Looking to undertake an overland adventure in the Pyrenees? ADV roof tents provide comfortable, convenient and practical camping gear for off-road expeditions.

Famous for its dramatic landscape, the Pyrenees straddle the boarder between France and Spain, providing the perfect location for an overland off-road adventure. Recently, our sister company 4×4 Adventure Tours ran a 10 day expedition across these mountians, aided by ADV Roof Tent’s extensive range of camping equipment.

4×4 Adventure Tours has been running overland adventure tours to the Pyrenees for several years. During such expeditions, the convenience of rooftents is unmatched. To ensure a comfortable sleeping experience, our roof tents come with memory foam mattresses, built-in bug screens and are made with weatherproof canvas. Even in mountainous terrian and humid or wet climates, ADV roof tents provide an unbeatable camping experience. Using a roof tent also removes the unneccsary hassle of packing everything away each day while travelling. The tents can be put up in minutes and easily packed away by one person. Conveniently, interior storage for bedding saves packing time and space in your car.

We recommend the ADV Adventure or Expedition for overland trips.

Additionally, when travelling abroad, it is important to be prepared for sun or rain and our awning range provides protection from these elements while camping. Attatching to the rear or side of your car, our awnings fit all vehicles (4×4, campervan, cars, pickups). They create a sheltered space for cooking, eating or relaxing on your holiday. Awning sides are seperate and can be attatched for extra protection. However, these can be brought together in our summer sale at a reduced price.

We hope your ADV roof tents and awnings help you on your off-road expeditions this summer. For more information about overland tours in the Pyrenees and across Europe, visit 4×4 Adventure Tours.

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