ADV Flip Large

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Adv Flip Large


The Adv Flip Large is a fold out 4 person family tent with a huge 2m x 2m internal space and 1.2m of headroom. When erected the ADV Flip Large is our largest roof tent. Despite this it is packaged in a compact plastic cover that make sit suitable to fit on most vehicles, especially large family cars, SUVs, 4x4xs and vans.


The Adv Flip Large is the includes all the necessities for a good night’s rest and the outside provides you with quality protection from the elements. The mattress is in 2 pieces making it easy to unpack and put away. The main ladder entrance is to the side but the end windows/doorways can also be used on a vehicle with a rear ladder or large roof rack. All entrances include fully zipped bug netting and additional canvas coverings allowing adjustment of air flow and light levels as well a water proofing.


The Adv Flip Large opens by releasing the two cam buckles on the side of the tent. The tent only requires a gentle push to open the lid with the assistance of the gas struts either side. Once the lid is open the ladder can be extended and used to “flip” out the second half of the tent base. The pulls of the tent canvas and erects the tent. All that is left to do is inset the metal poles in the door flaps to hold them open as required. Packing the tent away is just a simple. Remove the metal oles, and push the floor up and over with the ladder then collapse the ladder, Grab the handle and pull down he lid, took in as required and do up the 2 buckles to complete the closure. The tent will erect and close within a minute or two.


Included with Adv Flip Large:

  • Huge 2mx2m space
  • Twin 6cm thick close cell foam mattress
  • A 150kg ladder
  • 6 steel poles
  • Fitting Kit and Instructions
  • Lightweight Plastic lid

Details for Adv Flip Large:

280g ripstop waterproof canvas

size closed LWH: 200cm x 130cm x 30cm

Size Open LWH; 200cm x 2oocm x 120cm

weight: 50kg

Product Attributes


High Quality 280G Rip-Stop Poly-cotton Canvas, Waterproof, Grey Color with Blue trim


High Quality 280G Rip-Stop Poly-cotton Canvas, Waterproof, black


60mm high elastic mattress with 500mm waterproof 190T polyester taffeta




Light Weight Aluminium Honeycomb Base with Plastic Insulation


Telescoping ladders max length 2.3m


Open size: 200 x 200 × 130 cm
Closed size: 200 × 135 × 30 cm