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Ordering and Delivery

How can I order an ADV Roof Tent?

ADV Roof Tents can only be ordered through us. We don’t use a middle-man or franchises so we can keep costs low.

Shipping, Collection or Fitting

Further details on shipping, collection or our fitting service can be found here

Fitting and Maintainence

Will the tents fit my vehicle?

You will need to check that your vehicle roof and roof rack/roof rails have a dynamic weight load rating suitable for your tent of choice

ADV Expedition – 52Kg
ADV Aero Lite – 55Kg
ADV Aero Luxury – 60Kg
ADV Adventure – 65Kg

You can find your vehicle’s roof dynamic weight load in your vehicle’s user manual, or alternatively contact the manufacturer. Find the mounting requirements and technical info for all our tents here.

How do I fix the roof tent to my vehicle?

ADV Roof Tents can be mounted on most vehicles in the market. The tents are designed to attach to a set of roof bars or a flat roof rack. Please contact us for further advice.

You can find your vehicle’s roof dynamic weight load in your vehicle’s user manual, or alternatively by contacting the manufacturer. Your roof’s dynamic weight limit needs to be suitable for your choice of tent.

Find the mounting requirements and technical info for all our tents here.

What kind of roof bars or roof rack do I need?

Most roof bars are suitable for fitting roof tents. However, if you are buying new, then the simple square bar type bars are preferable. Halfords have an affordable home brand range.

A Front Runner flat roof rack is ideal for fitting roof tents

Clearance is needed between the vehicle roof and the roof tent so you can tighten the nuts on the securing plates. You usually need to be able to get a hand in with a spanner. Low profile roof racks or obstructions on the roof may cause fitting issues

Will the weight of the roof tent damage my car?

Both the vehicle and roof bar/roof rack manufactures usually specify the dynamic or moving load, not the static load.

The static load of a vehicle roof is often much higher and once you have parked the roof bar/roof rack should be able to handle much more weight, both the tent and the occupants.

However, every case is individual and it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle will handle the weight.

How easy are the tents to put on and off my vehicle?

Practise makes perfect, but two reasonably strong people can normally lift and mount an ADV Tent.

What is ADV return and warranty policy?


ADV Roof Tents offer a 2-year warranty on all parts against manufacturing or material failures. The warranty covers the replacement of faulty items. We carry an extensive UK parts stock.

Warranty exclusions

Zips We use tough, high-quality zips on our tents. Used with care, they should last the lifetime of the tent.  Forcing a zip or not taking enough care opening or closing it, can easily damage even the toughest zip, therefore, they are not covered by our warranty.

Water ingress or condensation ADV Roof Tents are carefully specified, designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and components. They are designed to withstand the rigours of repeated outdoor use in harsh environments. No warranty claim for water ingress will be accepted unless there is clear evidence of a manufacturing fault. Most minor water ingress issues, including on the seams, can easily be solved easily using sealing products and canvas treatments.

Please contact us if you do experience any water ingress or condensation problems. Before a tent is accepted for return, we need proof that the tent has been properly cared for, erected and/or packed as per the instructions.

Mould/Mildew If your tent is dried properly before storage there will be no problems with mould or mildew, therefore, we will not accept a tent return for mould/mildew issues or damage to the material because of its growth.

Labour or shipping fees This warranty does not cover any labour or shipping fees associated with the repair of your tent. This does not affect your statutory rights

Returns Unwanted items are only accepted as returns if they are in perfect, as-new condition and the original complete packaging. Unwanted tents should not have been opened OR fitted. Once a tent is unpacked or fitted it can no longer be considered new. Return items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Buyer pays all return shipping fees.

How do I look after my ADV Tent?

Our tents are made from strong poly-cotton canvas, which is breathable and easy to maintain. No special treatment is required beyond keeping the tent clean and dry.

It is vitally important to make sure the tent, mattress and material are completely dry before storage. If not mould and mildew may grow and we do not offer any warranty over this issue.

Should you wish there are a number of products on the market that offer additional protection and weatherproofing, which may help prolong the life of the tent. We cannot make any specific recommendations as success is more to the application rather than the product.

We do offer a number of accessories such as mattress covers and exterior covers that may help protect your tent.